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Mushroom Gaming Co. is a table-top board and card game publisher based in the UK. 

Here at MGC we have one clear priority:

To make games that are fun for gamers and non-gamers alike.  


We do this through using simple mechanics and unusual materials in inventive and interesting ways.

MGC began life in the mind of budding designer Toby Fairlcough who wanted to make a game to play with his brother. 5 years and hundreds of playtesting, designing and prototyping hours later, Toby had made his first game - Superfy (coming soon).  

After seeing the enjoyment friends, family and strangers had in playing his games, Toby caught the bug and started creating more games using different mechanics and different materials. 

In 2016 he launched his first successful Kickstarter campaign for Fishy Tactics, raising almost £12,000. 

Four moves, two jobs and a baby later Toby is back designing games. Building on the ethos of Fishy Tactics, his latest project is to begin a series of light-weight, travel-friendly pocket games coming soon...

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