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OBJECTION OVERRULED is a quick-fire, take-that, 18 card, courtroom battle game for 2 players.

Easy to learn, fun to play and ultra-portable – OBJECTION OVERRULED pits you as two corrupt lawyers arguing over high-profile court cases before Judge and Jury.

More concerned with winning than the truth; you must bamboozle the Judge with science and facts to “prove” your version of events. If that doesn’t work, you can always throw in some dodgy evidence, bribes and lies to cheat your way to victory.




2 Players                 10 minutes           Ages 12+


Thanks for checking out my submission for #GenCant2018's Game Design contest!

First off, here are some links:

And here's a Pitch video of me talking about the game, and showing you how to play:


Objection Overruled is a quick-fire, take-that duelling game, with a similar feel to games like Uno.

Played in short, quick-fire rounds, players react to each other’s cards and try to plan ahead to block each other off further down the line.

Will you play it safe with a weak card to start and buy yourself some time, or will you go big from the get-go, knowing you could be stuck if your opponent can respond…

Some rounds you’ll simply be unlucky and be out straight away. But for the rounds that don’t it can feel really tense as you count cards and weigh up when to use cards in what order.

In play testing, Objection Overruled has particularly gone down well with casual–non gamers as they found it relatively quick to grasp and evoked equal part frustration and delight. More hobbiest gamers however, tended to appreciate it for the quick, light conflict aspects and portability.



This game initially started as an abstract game of numbers and letters.
The first theme I tried was comedy boxing, and called the game Biff! The mechanics are the same with the exception that Objection Overruled has the thematic Revoke X card and Biff! has a rules card and a starter ring card.
I put forward the game as Objection Overruled to the competition rather than Biff! however, simply because the theme is slightly more unusual; but I believe both work well.
Biff! does have the benefit that it practically and thematically works with up to 6 players (3 sets of cards in different colour combinations) in a Royal Rumble mode.
If you are interested, this is Biff! >














And finally...

If you're still confused about the different cards in Objection Overruled and not sure what they mean, or why they're so mean(!) - here's a short video breakdown:



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