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Mushroom Gaming Co.

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Take on the role of a Pirate map maker. Avoid  treacherous traps and form unlikely allegiances in the race to discover the island's legendary lost treasure. what might start off as an all-against-all contest can quickly turn into a co-operative challenge as routes are blocked, traps are laid and paths are crossed... 

Age: 6+ | Players: 2-8 | Time: 20-30'


2 or more players don capes to battle it out and see who is the greatest super hero of them all - as you compete to save the day and get the most fans.​

A combination of card drawing, deck building and dice management; Superfy sees players play in real-time, responding to each others' every Biff! Bang! and WALLOP! as you go.

Age: 8+ | Players: 2-12 | Time: 30-60'


Compete as eager scrapheap junkers to form the biggest vehicle tower ever in this stack up dexterity game.

But be careful… Build your pile too high and it might all come tumbling down!

Age: 4+ | Players: 1-4 | Time: 5'

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